The end – Day 139/139

WARNING: The reader should be aware that some content in this blog entry may refer to episodes and events they are yet to see.

If you followed the TV series Lost, you probably have an opinion about the final episode. If you haven’t seen it, you can adopt this opinion: it sucked. In my opinion it sucked most because all the mysteries that should have climaxed in the finale just fell flat on their asses.

Through an untrained eye it would seem this project had the same faith.

So, as you can guess, the seed funding round for FinderBase failed. I didn’t become a millionaire even on paper. The overall benefit of this project is the difference between where we are now and where we would be without it. I have a hard time seeing the failure from the multitude of small successes that this project has caused.

But the end is a new beginning.

It is impossible to put in words the huge positive personal impact that this project has had on me. Instead, I’ve arranged a birthday party tomorrow at 5 pm Finnish time at our apartment.

Everyone is welcome.

Please register on the Facebook event page.

See you tomorrow!


4 responses to “The end – Day 139/139

  1. As Tina Seelig from Stanford beautifully said: “I have learned that there is the equivalent of $1 Million in every room, but it is up to you to find it. That gold mine can be in the form of a wonderful new friendship, a great business idea, or the invitation to participate in an exciting new venture.” Happy birthday and thanks for 139 interesting days!

  2. Even if you did not make it, I have to say it was a hell of a try! Takes balls to try public something like this… I know you won’t get depressed because you did not lose anything – only won a lot of experience.

    So thank you because I learned too from your wise words. 🙂

    P.S. If I read correctly (between the lines) of your blog the million and more is to come if you keep doing what you love. 😉

  3. Kenny Meyer

    I think Tipi is right: you haven’t lost anything actually.
    Thanks for this great series, I admire you for standing this from the first to the last day.

  4. There are no failures – only learning opportunities. I think that your attitude is something that is going to make you a millionaire sooner or later, because you don’t seem to be like all the negative people that never have guts to try anything.

    Keep on learning and trying new things! If it’s not even the second thing you try that will become your personal success story, I bet that the tenth will. Never give up.

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